Crappy post

Since I’ve read all the neighbourhood baby-related classifieds and replied to my recent FB messages from friends and family far away, I thought I would spend a max of 15 minutes to write a post.

You can achieve a lot in 15 minutes, so I’m told. You can write a crappy book by dedicating just 15 minutes per day to spilling words on to a page. You can launch a crappy business and you can do a crappy job on a DIY project. I hope to write one crappy blog post.

If I had more time I could go into detail of how I smashed the coin jar all over the tiles and living area and how I let Louis paint linen, walls and other such household items with a home-made yoghurt iceblock whilst I addressed it. Or how I took him to two playgrounds and the swimming pool to tire him out enough for me to take a call. And how that was the first time he’d ever not woken up during the call and started exercising his vocal cords down the phone. And how I had wished I had not consumed all the ginger ale in the house as I wanted to high-five myself with a whisky and dry at 3pm.

I could also talk about what it’s like to move to a new country with a small baby. That might be something people would want to read.

But I’ll just say that I managed to do today and yesterday’s dishes AND send the laundry off with Fly Cleaners. When it’s 30/95 degrees and you have 30pounds of washing so dirty its attracting fruit flies, and a baby far too big for the front pack… it’s worth the extra $10 for the man who walks it all the way up and down your stairs for you.

My 15 minutes isn’t quite up but the baby is so bye.


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