Welcome to loontown! The best beach in Asia.

Last weekend, I was introduced to the cray cray world of Sentosa.

I’d heard all about the crowds, posers and money-sapping bars so had been avoiding the place, but when a friend asked me to join her for “sun, beach and a cocktail”, at Tanjong Beach Club, I caved.

I find myself craving the beach here in Singapore. I needed a taste of home.

We don’t have palm trees and loungers and Abercrombie and Fitch models and DJs on our beaches in New Zealand, but at least Sentosa has sea air and a horizon. I felt a wave of calm wash over me as I sat next to a Kiwi chick and indulged in the very gormet Kiwi treat of hokey pokey icecream (yes they serve it! At a ridonculous $5 a scoop).

Because I love doing things like sitting down eating ice cream, I did not then strip down to my togs (togs = Kiwi for swimsuit) and join st the AC and F models in the pool (yes, they were there!). I did have a bit of a rave however. See below.

Yes, Sentosa is like Hugh Hefner and Walt Disney’s fantasies come true, and yes, that makes me feel a bit funny, but it’s the closest I have come to a beach in Singapore. So I’ll be back…

…if not to bare my body in a bikini, then at least to have another one of these expensive puppies: (it’s a raspberry mojito and it is amaze).


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