I have an unfortunate habit of losing, smashing and drowning pocket-sized pieces of technology. Last year I went through about four cellphones, and I’m already on to my second since arriving in Singapore. Unsure what happened to the first but it was last seen at East Coast Park on Sunday November 6, 2011.

Because of my history, I have been reluctant to allow myself to so much as look at expensive mobile technology like iPhones. Fortunately, because I am a foreigner on a WHP and therefore not eligible for a contract with Singtel, I have been able to stop myself from paying $800 just to become one with the iPhone addicts on the MRT.

But, as a freelancer, it’s become clear I need to have mobile access to the internet. So I decided to replace my old clunker with a smart phone. Not an iPhone, but something simple, with internet capabilities and perhaps a few cheesy apps.

And now I am now hopelessly and completely infatuated with a piece of pocket-sized technology.

Behold, MyPhone:

Almost as wide as it is tall, with a rooster alarm tone and touch screen smaller than my palm, my itsy bitsy Sony Ericsson Mini charms me more and more each day.

I’ve joined the Singapore shuffle as I make my way to the MRT with my eyes glued to my GPS even though I know very well where I’m going, fingers sweeping across the touch-screen as I scroll through the latest status updates from my Facebook friends. I have the Guardian, Al Jazeera and WordPress in the palm of my hand. I can reply to emails from the front steps of my apartment, Tweet from a taxi. Oh yes, my mini “Xperia” by Sony Ericsson has opened MyEyes, MyOptions and MyWorld. And the best thing is, it only set me back $200.

I’d let you have a turn, but I’m not ready to let go of it yet. Not even for a second. It’s MyPhone.


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