Great Trip


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Is the Great Wall really great? Everyone asked when I returned from a week in Northern China last month. Well, put it this way, I liken the feeling I had while posing for these very fridge-worthy photographs to standing under the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day, riding the teacups at Disneyland in LA, and watching the sun rise at the Taj Mahal. All are cultural rites of passage that might, let’s be honest, not be the MOST exhilarating/relaxing part of your trip, but that make you feel like a world citizen. The concept of just being there is mind blowing. So yes, it was “great”. Most definitely superior to any other wall I have seen. I also like that the Chinese gave their masterpiece a name that is neither an over nor an understatement, and I think it would be great if proper nouns were more literal all the time. I would then come from the Wet City (Auckland) and would be named Short Blond. I would wish I was on Sunny Beach sipping Sweet Happy Drink under Big Yellow.


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